Who we are

At Wela, we bridge the gap between virtual and personal. As a Digital Advisor, we offer you access to smart investing advice anytime, anywhere --- be it over the phone, via video, or in-person.​ We're a team of real people with the skills and knowledge it takes to simplify investing and build wealth. We're on hand to eagerly and sufficiently answer and relate to your questions, fervently track your goals, and provide you with friendly assistance in creating an effective plan that works.

why we are different

Wela gives users the ability to gain a holistic view of their entire financial situation. Investments, cash, credit card debt, mortgage debt, and real estate values. We even pull in the latest z-estimate from Zillow for any real estate that you own.

Your personalized portal also allows you to create financial goals that are most relevant to you. Whether it be buying that house, saving for your kids college, getting out of debt, figuring out how much to save each month to get to that first million. On top of all this, users have access to real people that can relate to them and their situation.

4 qualities OF WELA


Knowledgeable Advice

We're owned and operated by financial advisors. Every decision, suggestion or idea is influenced by the decades of experience culminated by our team.


Convenient Services

You can chat with our team on the site, set up a phone call, video conference call or even meet face-to-face with us, so that you can get your questions answered and feel confident in your financial plan.


Affordable Options

We provide free tools and resources so that you can create a plan of action to reach your financial goals. Our team also offers a low cost investment management program for when you need a helping hand.


Personal Attention

There's no one-size-fits-all approach to wealth. We look at your current financial situation and the goals you’ve set to put together your Game Plan to wealth. Let’s start your plan today.


Matt Reiner, CFA, CFP®

As Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager, Matt coordinates the Investment Committee and translates the decisions into...

Mitch Reiner, CFP®, CIMA®

Passionate about making financial management cool again, Mitch drives the long-term investment strategy for Wela as a founding...

Eddie Goepp

Driven by the desire to help build our foundation of providing independent, research-driven investment strategies and ...

Paul Scudellari, CFP®

Prior to joining Wela as Business Development Strategist in 2011, Paul wrapped up 11 years with Charles Schwab Advisor Services...

Wes Moss, CFP®

Now a vital partner at Wela, Wes started his career at Prudential Securities as a financial advisor before joining the Atlanta office...

Mallory Hesketh

Mallory wears many hats as Wela's Marketing Coordinator, heading our email and social marketing, blogging, and marketing strategy...

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